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With the constant flow of new technologies and methodologies, staying on the cutting edge is more than most companies can keep up with. By partnering with the latest technological providers and through Value-Added-Reseller (VARs) programs, Teck Solutions is able to pair you with the best fit solution for your company.


Avigilon provides high-definition surveillance solutions that deliver the best evidence. With industry-leading HD network video management software and mega-pixel cameras. Aviligon is reinventing surveillance by providing the world’s best image quality.

Teck Solutions is proud to offer Avilgilon products to help provide you and your organization with leading edge surveillance to help protect you against customer theft, store theft, operational efficiency, and much more.


Cisco is the industry leading provider of networking equipment and solutions world-wide. Cisco provides solutions tailored for businesses, large and small.

Teck Solutions is proud to offer Cisco products and expertise in providing you and your organization with switching, routing, and security required for you to run your business successfully and securely.


Dell has empowered businesses everywhere to use technology to realize their goals and dreams. Dell delivers technology soltuions that help businesses achieve more.

Teck Solutions is proud to offer Dell products, ranging from desktops and laptops, to enterprise level servers and networking equipment. Teck Solutions works with Dell to provide you and your organization the right technology for your business or organization.


Meraki is a Cisco company that is the first cloud-managed network infrastructure company. Meraki provides businesses, schools, and other organizations the ability to build cloud-based networks ranging from small to large-scale solutions.

Teck Solutions is proud to offer Meraki hardware solutions in order to provide state of the art wireless networks and mobile network convergence. By pairing Meraki with your mobile devices, Teck Solutions is able to offer an unparalleled experience as well as device and application management for your table and phone mobile devices.


Microsoft is one of the most trusted names in business. Microsoft provides a vast array of products to help ensure the productivity and success of your business.

Teck Solutions is proud to offer Microsoft including their line of consumer prover operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


Everything you need to get work done. Easy to use, secure & reliable, all-in-one video conferencing, team messaging, and VOIP phone. Whether you are at the office, on the road, or working from home, your customers do not need multiple phone numbers to contact you. One number can reach you at your office, on your computer, or on your mobile phone. Transferring calls to co-workers can be done in all three locations, completely seamless.


Like disasters, IT environments are anything but standard. That’s why businesses need a single cross-platform solution that protects a mixed, hybrid environment. ShadowProtect┬« backup and disaster recovery software ensures on-prem business systems and data are fully protected and always available.

Our commitment is your assurance that you will always be at the forefront of today's technology.

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