Network Engineering and Administration
Ethernet Cable and Networking

Teck Solutions can provide your company, organization, or institution with professional on-site network support and design services.

From the initial design through implementation, the professionals at Teck Solutions will have your custom network running at peak efficiency on-time and on budget.

Using the latest networking technologies from vendors such as Cisco, Meraki, and Dell, Teck Solutions can offer state-of-the-art networking solutions including firewalls, switching and routing, fiber optics, VoIP solutions, VPNs, Storage Area Networking (SANs), and satellite office connectivity.

Data Center and Systems Administration
Server Technology

Teck Solutions can design a centralized data center solution for your company or organization, or cluster of organizations, which can benefit you by pooling resources through one central location.

Teck Solutions can provide remote and on-site design and administration for solutions ranging from data-centers to a few standalone servers.

Using the leading technologies from vendors such as Microsoft and Citrix, Teck Solutions can offer the newest technologies in Server Virtualization, Server Redundancy, and Server High-Availability. These technologies allow the maximized use of your hardware and help to lower the costs of traditional server installations by providing multiple roles on a single physical server.

K-12 Academic Solutions and Specialized Support
K-12 Solutions

Teck Solutions offers proven K-12 solutions for your school or academic institution. Teck Solutions has years of experience working with vendors in providing the specialized technology and support required for your success.

By working with vendors such as Lightspeed Systems, Teck Solutions is able provide leading edge content management while still providing the maximized benefits of modern technology. With Lightspeed Systems, you can rest assured that students and faculty remain on task.

Teck Solutions can also outfit your institution with wireless internet solutions, mobile and tablet computing, and mobile application management.

Mobile Computing and Convergence
Mobile Devices

In a world where mobile computing has become the de facto standard, Teck Solutions can help to outfit your company or institution with the ability to stay connected to your data at all times, even outside the workplace.

By offering managed solutions for mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, you can access your data and applications easily and securely from anywhere across the globe.

Teck Solutions understands the increasing demands of any business and can help keep you and your employees working efficiently from anywhere at any time.

Cloud and Thin Computing
Cloud Computing
Training and Education Services
Medical Solutions
Accounting Solutions